1.Chocolate Mint Cookie Balls

IMG_6114_1 crop
Cookies awaiting the chopper and cream cheese

I was going to say “Easy” but that wouldn’t be the case precisely. There are a number of steps including a very messy one, the result of which is surprising, but with a fondness for chocolate mint and a good number of excellent reviews for something similar made with seasonal peppermint Oreos, I had a go.

Cold chocolate balls rolled in spoon by hand. 2 forks didn’t agree with me.

I didn’t find those Oreos so the Keebler Fudge Striped Dark Chocolate Mint made its debut in my kitchen as an ingredient for “something chocolate” in the fridge for my daughter visiting from London for an action-packed holiday including Girls’ Night.

For art’s sake

The cookies get turned into crumbs in the food processor, then are mixed with 8 oz. packet of softened cream cheese, chilled for a short time for ease of rolling into balls, put in the freezer to get real cold, rubbed all around by hand in a teaspoon with melted chocolate, then dipped in smashed candy cane before their photographs and into the fridge.  Yield was approximately 36 of them, melon-ball size.

Tinned, ready for fridge and presentation

Girls’ Night here will provide the testing for 2017 Holiday Goody No. 1

Updater:  These were a huge hit with every person who had them, and they were requested for next year already!

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