Amarena Cherry on Cinnamon Overnighter-now-custard pudding

One sunk. One sat.

A few days ago I made a Cinnamon Overnighter for brunch using fresh eggy sourdough and slathering the cinnamon goop in the middle AND top.* Having had the leftovers twice and a quart of milk close-on its expiration date, I decided to make a custard pudding with the remaining cubed bits. Trader Joe’s has jars of Amarena cherries for the season — which I’d never had — but loving cherries, I bought a jar yesterday and decided to put one in the center of the custard for pretty’s sake. It sank. (Not to worry. It’ll be fine and share its flavor in the adjacent pudding.)

Beautiful Amarena Cherry on palate of pudding

Another cherry sat prettily for photo. You can see the deliciousness. Leftovers, mmm.

And a bit of brightness is a focal point in this 1973 painting signed R. Chevalier. I love palm trees. Palm trees and pudding.



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