Chewy Caramel Salted Nut Bars

Salted, mixed nuts been a-roasting in the oven

It was a dark and stormy night when I bought two beautiful tins full of mixed nuts, mostly peanuts (you know how that goes) but also almonds, cashews and a few pistachios. I kept the tins, perfect for one dozen cookies, gave away one of the packages of nuts inside one tin, and set the other in a basket for snacks. Not eaten. Best thing to do with uneaten nuts in my view: roast them, put them in a cookie, especially the chewy, caramelly type.

As I was baking, my daughter, apparently having a look through some of her childhood drawings and writings that I saved, came into the kitchen with this, saving me from taking a boring photo of another brown cookie. It also allows me to pass on birthday greetings with a smile to someone in the family and a friend.


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