New! Raspberry Butter Cookies

juliyya’s Raspberry Butter Cookies with Rainbow Sparkling Sugar

Yesterday’s phone call with my mother went something like this:

That Rum Raisin Banana Bread* you sent to Poulsbo on Friday was delicious. I shared it with your youngest brother Saturday morning after he collected it from the mailbox. You know what I really loved? Those Lavender Butter Cookies** you sent me for Mother’s Day.

Flowers in the roundabout garden


I explained that the cookies sent last were my Kashmiri Fennel Butter Cookies*** and that I was currently out of both the infused lavender and infused fennel sugars that I make for use in the cookies and caramels, and that it takes at least a month for the process. I offered to make a batch of my Cinnamon Spice Butter Cookies**** which she’d acclaimed from the Christmas basket, but then …


I had a brainstorm and now there’s a new butter cookie in my butter cookie line and it is most definitely raspberry. Not fake raspberry. Not raspberry jam or jelly. Not raspberry-flavored bits of ingredients most folks wouldn’t have or want in their kitchen. Nope. These cookies have real pieces of raspberry in them and the cookie is crisp and buttery just as one would expect. I’m going to mail her some on Monday and share the rest of them with my neighborhoods.

Lady Lolita VandenBug approved these cookies.
See those bits of pure raspberry in there?
Bee happy.





They’re grand, by the way.

2 thoughts on “New! Raspberry Butter Cookies

  1. Thank you Juliyya, your raspberry butter cookies are a winner. I love the raspberry tang it leaves in my mouth . And I couldn’t have just one. Oh boy!!!



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