Friday Cake: Fresh Cranberry Orange

3-Layer Cranberry Orange Cake with Orange Cream Icing

It’s no surprise that fresh cranberries are currently a bargain, so I went through three bags of them this morning, poured into a big bowl of cold water and pulled out one at a time to get approximately 1 1/2 cups of firm berries for a cake. It’s not an easy cake. It’s necessary to separate four eggs, beat egg yolks with butter and sugar until forever, beat egg whites, mix the wets separately, mix the drys separately, alternately mix them in, then fold in the beaten whites, then fold in the cranberries and put batter in three 9″ lined, greased and floured cake pans. * It’s well worth the effort, however.

Some nice slices of Friday cake awaiting pick-up

After the cake is cooled, it’s filled and frosted with a fresh orange and cream cheese icing. The second and third layers require more careful placement than I effected today as the minute they hit the frosted layer below, they’re not moving unless one’s desired end is a broken cake. They’re fluffy and delicate except for the bites of cranberry scattered throughout. I wonder if the moisture from the cranberries will seep through more of the cake overnight, but I won’t know because … it’s all gone.

And a photo: the first crocuses seen on my walks this week brightened the day. img_7999

*The icing recipe is my own, but I found and followed the recipe for the cake online here:

Saturday, 18th of February update. Majority of reviews are in. Mark said it’s the best cake ever. Another reviewer said it’s wonderful, a perfect combination of sweet and tart, a “sooo good!” frosting, is now at the top of the list of the cakes I’ve made that he and his wife have sampled, and she loves it, too. That’s a lot of crocuses.

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