Table Art: Tonight as Gratitude

Dark Chocolate Truffles by Seattle Chocolates, a gift

My daughter’s friend from London brought me a box of dark chocolate truffles made by one of Seattle’s chocolatiers, Seattle Chocolates. These shots are a thank you.

The old Lava Lamp still casts a warm glow.

I use temporarily vacant space to set up art displays for myself. Tonight, the dining room table served very well, so I’ve promoted it to a category. Table art.

Table Art

On the table tonight:  in addition to the partially empty box of Seattle Chocolates and vintage Lava Lamp, some of the hydrangeas from the garden dried while the flowers were changing color over a period of weeks, my favorite tea tray set with a Persian miniature from Fortnum & Mason’s in London (which was just up the block on the street where we lived), and two of my drawings. I bought the folded huipil in the center at a garage sale in Santa Monica just so I could paint it one day, which I did (in my way) by putting a box behind it as it was draped over the wide oak Stickley-type rocker made by my great grandfather.

Behind the table, on the wall, an unsigned painting of a three-horse team, their driver and the carriage in which they’re racing.

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