j’s Hard Flour Brownies with Cocoa, Walnuts & Fudge Icing

Hard Flour Brownies underway

There was maybe 3/4 cup of leftover chocolate fudge icing in the fridge and last night somebody gifted me with a bag of Washington’s own Bluebird Grain Farms organic whole grain hard white flour while we were discussing acquisition of some good quality chocolate for a cake recipe. So, with chocolate on my mind and the library of recipes on the brain shelves, it’s no wonder that there had to be something baked. Uh, oh. No baking chocolate in the pantry and no second trip to the store today for some, so it was the old butter-and-cocoa-powder substitution, which meant that today’s brownies with hard flour had to have walnuts. Just my view. Have top quality chocolate? Don’t cover up that flavor or inject additional texture. My view. It’s about melty pleasure.

The dough using whole grain hard flour is sturdier than the all-purpose unbleached flour which I typically use for cookies. I sifted it twice, once by itself before measuring and a second time with the salt and baking powder, but did not adjust the quantity versus the all-purpose flour because the label indicates that, while hard, it is soft and light. Bake time? The same. Texture was chewy on the edges, fudgy with big walnut chunk interruptions in the middle and, naturally since it was still warm when I cut them up to pass out, gooey on the top. They were not bad for an experiment. Next time with good chocolate and no nuts? Oh, yeah. That’s going to be soon, very soon.

juliyya’s Hard Flour Brownies with Cocoa, Walnuts & Fudge Icing

and these go nice with a brownie, too:

Sweet little flowers amidst ferns with bamboo accents
Little flower looks like it’s growing on a pine cone with a Trump wig.


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