Rainier Cherry Ice Cream, V.1, F1

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One of the neighbors missed out on the first of the summer fruit ice creams, so today I told him the next would be blackberry or Bing cherry (or Lambert) if I can find some good cherries. So far none have met my tests, i.e., not woody, not grainy, not mushy and plenty of flavor. “What about the Rainiers?” He’d got some over on the east side of the Cascades during the week and there was approximately a cup left that might bear the treatment I’d be giving them to make a small batch test. Why not? Beautiful colors. Fresh Washington cherries. A few drops of brandy.

Small batches take less time and harder to resist, for me. I liked the delicate flavor and the large halves of cherries when sampled, and I meant to save my 1/4 cup for Formula 1 Austria tomorrow when it would be truly frozen instead of soft serve. Oops.

IMG_3929_1 post
j’s Rainier Cherry Ice Cream, Version 1

Update: It was a hit with the chap who supplied the cherries. That makes two of us.

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