Happy Autumn with New Almond Chew

Almonds illustrating their importance in a cookie

I like to experiment with flavors in my cookie lines and this is the newest in the Chew line. I used a mix of all-purpose and almond flours and did not over-emphasize the taste with too much extract. They are delicately flavored and my Chinese Mahjongg players approved this addition to the almond-flavored cookies* I make. (There will be one more for my flavor Trio, a pure butter cookie.)

It’s autumn and maple leaves prove it. Happy Autumn.

I froze some dough for the Freezer Test and mailed the results to my cousin in Idaho as part of her birthday cookies and to my sister in Texas. How many stars? Well, my Chinese ladies gave them five stars! One of them gifted me with a decorated pumpkin squash for my birthday and it needed to be in a photo.

Bee happy.


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