Chinese Almond Cookies

Pretty tulip gift with cookie accents

As I’m learning the traditions of a Sunday afternoon with three lovely Chinese ladies and lots of Mahjongg, I’ve added a few cookies hoping they’d be found acceptable to those with a different palate than mine. The snacks have been Chinese, individually & commercially wrapped and all new to me. I did notice flavors of lemon, pineapple and mysterious. I did some research and found lots of recipe variations on a central theme: almond. They were received in packets to take home, with smiles and thank yous. The cookies are crispy, buttery and with a bit of chew, not oversweet and not over-almond. I split the dough into parts, freezing two parts for my “freezer test” and bringing them again soon. Not this weekend, but soon.

Beautiful Chinese Almond Cookies on a tea plate
Elegance in Almond

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