Gratitude Walnut and Cranberry Chews

The picture tells the story.

I had an urgent visit to the Harborview Senior Care Clinic a couple of days ago. I was very lucky to be seen next morning rather than making a trip to the emergency room (which I do not like) giving me time to make a quick batch of a favorite cookie. I presented them to the two nurses who looked after me (Naima and Evelyn) and the staff until the doctor knocked on the exam room door. I disagreed on the diagnosis but we’ll see who’s right in a few days. It’s my pleasure to argue with doctors.

View of Puget Sound, Seattle Smith Tower & a couple cranes from clinic window

As I was waiting for the bus ride home, I wandered the courtyard and shot several photos for my Facebook and whaddyaknow? The doctor I’d just seen was leaving for lunch, stopped me to say he’d eaten “about four” of the “perfect” cookies I’d brought to the clinic. Way to go, Doc. I love it. Let’s see how he responds to my arguments next week if I’m right. If I’m wrong, I’ll say “You win.”

Spring deliciousness on a Seattle street, Capitol Hill

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