Brownies for The Launch 2

Here it is: Book 2 of The Akasha Records by Maria Vandenburg

In keeping with a tradition begun in 2020* with the publication of my daughter’s first book, I presented her yesterday with an edible celebration for the launch of her second book (albeit a month after the publication date.) I’m so proud of her yet again! She’s persevered while also working in a challenging job and challenging times as well as having begun work on Volume 3 of the trilogy she’s planned for the Akasha Records. She’s also created a website** for companion pieces to teach some of the concepts presented in her books.

These are my triple chocolate, double cherry brownies*** with REAL fudge frosting, decorated with white chocolate dyed in various colors (except for the pink section, dyed with Trader Joe’s Amarena Cherries syrup.) It’s a single-batch brownie in a 9″ x 6″ glass dish.

I asked her for a less complicated cover for Volume 3 because I’m not a decorating artist and don’t believe in use of fondant on my baked goodies (which would be far easier to cut and place than multiple batches of dyed chocolate in teeny frosting cones.) Her reply: “I don’t know what the cover is going to look like yet.”

There’s a little story about the fudge frosting. I wanted fudge because it’s easier to decorate over top of a smooth and set surface. The fudge recipe requires sweetened condensed milk and I discovered that there was none in the cupboard. Going to the grocery store was out of the question, so … I made it myself with a can of evaporated milk, 3/4 cup granulated sugar and a lengthy period of stirring the mix to golden perfection in the Le Creuset on the stove over low heat. But wow! Learned something new and the fudge is perfect.

The side-by-side wherein the book is more impressive, as deserved.

Maria ate the section with her name on it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream atop, took home the pink, decorated section and I shared the rest of the brownie and fudge with grateful neighbors.




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