New! Maple Mini Teacakes & Maple Butter Cookies

Real maple goodies made, packed & mailed today

Because of the risks associated with socializing for someone my age and the country-wide measures finally being taken to flatten the risk curve, I find myself doing more of what I do to relieve stress: baking. Last night I was chatting with my mother on the phone and she mentioned that she’d finished off the last cookies which I sent and yes, she thinks these two maple cookie experiments would definitely be welcomed.


My temporary 2-nurse, 2-children neighbors here, recipients of a tin this afternoon, provided me with a couple drawings to cheer up my door and said they could smell the maple scent this morning. It’s a good sign when the aroma of a cookie baking matches the intent, and I vouch that the flavor is heavenly, pure maple. Both cookies are ready to join their mates in their individual “lines.”


No bees yet, but I heard one buzz by me as I was on a walk to deliver cookies this afternoon. I’m sure it was happy. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

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