In the virtual kitchen with juliyya: Lesson for Brownies

Lesson assembledĀ 

One of the most difficult things, if not the most difficult thing for people like me in this coronavirus pandemic, is the real effects of social distancing that we’re starting to feel, the real physical separation from the children who are a part of our lives and matter to us. My friends in this apartment complex or in the old neighborhood will not take the risk that their children could be vectors and unknowingly pass the virus to me.

Schools in Seattle have been closed for several days and the duration of the pandemic is unknown other than it will certainly be months. The children need structure and extra activities at home and there’s a period of adjustment for all of us which will bring about new ways to do activities we think of as normal.

I’ve been nicknamed “Third” by the family whose girls have been many times in my kitchen. Both their grandmothers live in other states, so I’m Third and I love it. We’re close. The production of their birthday cakes and baking projects has been a feature of this blog as can be seen by the number of “In the kitchen with juliyya” entries.

Minis and a pan of brownies topped with Hershey’s Mint Truffle Kisses

We cannot now be in the same kitchen and their father suggested a way we could still bake together with super benefits to all concerned. Here’s what we did:

First, we skyped last night to talk about which baked goody to prepare and settled on brownies. Then I read aloud my handwritten brownie recipe (on a card from over 50 years ago while a nanny at the Griffins!) and the girls wrote it down. We went through the ingredient list, the preparations, all the usual things, and then we set a time for this afternoon to do our baking in separate abodes. Today we skyped our way through a lesson via which both girls (ages 8 and 10) now have a recipe and know the method to bake a fantastic fudgy brownie. I’m proud to teach the young ones to bake from scratch and it was fun for all three of us.

Caught in a quick sprinkle a few days ago, I got out camera for the burst of new color


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