Lemon Cranberry Tart for Pi Day

Ready for the oven

It’s March 14th, Pi Day. While I had it in mind to make a lemon meringue pie inspired by my friend Ina who made one for her birthday last week, I changed my mind and decided to make a tart instead. Some might call this Lemon Cranberry Bars, but I say it’s a pie. It has a crust and a filling. It’s a tart, therefore it’s pie.

IMG_6808_1 - adj
Lovely slice of warmness

I used frozen cranberries with sugar to make a cooked puree, then strained it to remove skins and all those teeny seeds. Some of the puree was mixed in with some of the lemon goo filling and then drizzled over a layer of the lemon filling, itself over the top of the partly-prebaked brown-sugar butter crust which caramelizes during the bake.

Closeup of lemony cranberry goodness

The leftover cranberry puree has a future, too. Some will be layered over a bit of roasted chicken on a sandwich with cream cheese and lettuce, but most of it will fill a cinnamon apple coffee cake later in the week.


Well, the pandemic led to the cancellation of the Formula 1 race in Melbourne, likely the same for Bahrain and new Vietnam races, presently “postponed” but dubious. Other races may also fall due to the coronavirus for the safety of the drivers, crews and supporters worldwide. In my mind, though, Daniel Ricciardo wins in his home country race tomorrow with his competitive 2020 car, Sebastian Vettel is second, Max Verstappen third and Lewis Hamilton’s car battery undergoes problems such that he’s out of the running but Valteri Bottas nabs fourth place.

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