Orange Bread Pudding with instructions

Hot out of the oven, having left boilover goo there, but never mind. Worth it!

A couple days ago I made some clementine cinnamon rolls* to share and a small loaf of the half white/half white-whole-wheat bread from the same dough to use for a pan of overnight French toast.** That was before I’d rediscovered and altered the orange goo recipe and this idea entered my baking thought-train. What if the bread, egg, milk and cinnamon mixture was, as usual, left to soak overnight in the fridge, then plopped into the heated orange mixture and baked? What if the bread was cubed instead of sliced for the project, providing more surface area for the expected goodness?

Upon closer look & a bit of the sauce on top = variation of bread pudding.

So, instead of overnight French toast, it’s overnight Orange Bread Pudding, and I’ve just provided the method for the reader who wants to indulge after seeing the result.

And yummmm

This would win a contest in Lebanon or Syria. Orange and custard and dough.

Recipe for the gooey sauce is in the first link below. I doubled the sauce, put half in the bottom of the 8″x8″ glass baking dish, carefully scooped in the soggy, eggy bread, poured the rest of the sauce over that and baked it to perfection in 40 minutes at 350 degrees , let it set for about 30 minutes and then shared it with Sylvia in the old neighborhood.



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