Soup & Sandwich without the Soup: French Onion

Half an hour on low heat = caramelized onions

Saw the idea for this sandwich somewhere and Gruyere was $6.00 off per pound on Tuesday at Beecher’s so I said yep. I had already purchased a bag of yellow onions to caramelize in a big batch and freeze in small batches, so one onion was “sacrificed” for the sandwich today on rustic Seattle Sourdough before an outing and Seattle crane photoshoot on the Bainbridge Island ferry.

Just for the photo, I moved the top.

Lunch was caramelized onions and Gruyere on rustic Seattle Sourdough with a bit of Dijon mustard and teeniest sprinkle of nutmeg, grilled, accompanied by an Asian pear and a California clementine. I’m so happy that one caramelized onion is enough for two sandwiches, and that the leftover cheese will provide a few other tasty meals including a quiche. Treats!

Cranes, steam, reflections.

I planned my ferry trip so that the return to Seattle from Winslow would coincide with sunset. See that dirty looking cloud? That’s desert pink. Yesterday we had an exquisite sunset and, while there were lots of clouds when I left the apartment for the shoot, they’d moved to the Olympics.

(Seattle has more gray days than not. Gray days cause many folks to feel sad. It’s a fact. People should definitely not want to move to this city from other states. H/t to the late Emmett Watson for that particular bit of advice. I carry on his campaign in my way.)

The climbing crane attached to the tallest building can be seen from Ballard. (The skyscraper looks to be a beauty.) There’s an airplane over that crane too. Can you see it?

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