In the kitchen with juliyya: Spritz!


Making a short list of a few goodies to be made for a very short list of people this year for Christmas, I decided to add Spritz because it’s not only a tasty bite of buttery crispness, but one of those cookies which the children have fun decorating and so we did. It’s also a cookie which freezes well for a week before packing and shipping to a couple places.

I made the dough and hunted up the old Leifheit cookie press, tested the process to determine whether it was necessary to chill the dough since I’d altered the recipe (from 3 egg yolks to one egg upon discovering that there was only one egg left in the carton.) Nope! Room temperature worked just dandy and the sprinkles adhere more easily, although many roll off the cookie dough and seem to lurk about for a bare foot to find on the hardwood floor. Dough, sprinkles, cookie press, parchment, wire racks. Spritz.

Happy that sprinkles aren’t glitter. 
Spritz discovery! 1 egg can replace 3 egg yolks in this cookie.

Crispy, buttery, sweet, cute and fun to make with youngsters in the kitchen. The dough was pressed onto the parchment on the cookie sheet and the sprinkles applied in artistic arrangements of color as seen in the top photo before I moved them into layers in a tin.


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