Kedgeree with Smoked Salmon

Some of the ingredients in the kedgeree

I decided to make a half-complicated dinner for my daughter tonight before we watch the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance (wherein the top selected dancers compete with expertly choreographed pieces.) Monday night dinner and dancing where other folks do the dancing works for me.

perfect Basmati rice

Kedgeree was my choice because the little taste of marinated and barbequed salmon last week set off my need for more salmon, but in a different form.¬† It is a curry, supposedly invented by the Scots, probably some that served in India and decided that smoked fish and hard-boiled eggs would be tasty with some curry spices. There’s lots of chopping and smelly fish hands, so I waited to squeeze the lemons and practically bath in lemon oil until I’d cleaned and flaked the smoked salmon, but other than that, it’s routine.

Spicy kedgeree

I hadn’t made it for at least five years so it was a follow-the-recipe on which I’d written “perfect just as it as.” Smoked salmon, green onion, garlic, ginger, jalapeno, fresh tomato, curry powder, basmati rice, hard-boiled eggs, lemon juice and fresh cilantro/coriander all end up in the pot. It’s served with plain yogurt mixed with finely chopped cilantro, plus some sliced English cucumber and fresh mango slices and, forgotten tonight but definitely with the leftovers tomorrow, some of my own mango-ginger chutney.*

Kedgeree, cucumber, cilantro yogurt, fresh mango


Bee happy, and then it chased me away.


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