National Pi Day. Maybe some pie.


Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t, but I am thinking about a spiced apple pie, the Dutch* kind. One of my neighbors has been frantically readying her art for sales (and hopefully some fun) at the Emerald City Comic Con which started today at the Convention Center in downtown Seattle. I think she and her crew deserve some pie on Pi Day 2019. So, maybe I will since those apples are looking at me.


Emerald City, for readers who don’t know, is Seattle’s official nickname. Furthermore, the weatherman assured us yesterday that it was the last day of morning frost, the temperatures are rising this week already into the low 50’s to welcome spring and new spring green leaves on the trees and shrubs, maybe even a raise into the 60’s this weekend. Meanwhile, #EmeraldCityComicCon for those who love it and the first Formula 1 Grand Prix race of the year for me and those who love that!


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