Chocolate Mint Cake, Deluxe Edition


Maybe 30 years ago I made a 3-tiered version of this cake for the 50th birthday of the wife of the lawyer for whom I worked in Santa Monica at the time, along with the rest of the meal I catered for 50 guests, precisely. It was then, like now, Camp Fire mint season and I’d been gifted with a box of them on the day he and I discussed the menu. Chocolate mint was her favorite flavor of chocolate and he agreed to my choice for the cake.

Cut those gooey mints into gooey pieces, smash them into the frosting.

Now, I have a neighbor who likes to tease me about the fact that I say I’ve “invented” this or that baked good. It doesn’t matter to me whether I’ve invented it out of what is commonly known as “whole cloth” or whether I put things together that aren’t routinely put together. This is one such. I certainly didn’t invent chocolate mint cake and without doubt there are a number of recipes for it, but I never before or since then had a cake such as this one. Maybe you have, but I haven’t. I invented it.


Why deluxe? Dark chocolate layer cake made with lots of chocolate, buttermilk and weak coffee with rich chocolate frosting, smashed gooey Camp Fire mints in the middle of the layers, with trademarked Junior Mints and Pearson’s Mint Patties for decoration. It’s a tasty, tasty cake … and now out for delivery to a few willing to try what they’ve not had before.

Can you see the gooeyness?

See that piece on the plate? That baby is going in the freezer and await the opening of Formula 1 Grand Prix 2019 season next week.

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