Tuxedo Cake from the Cakerie for my birthday

Tuxedo Cake from The Cakerie
Several years ago during a wander by the bakery aisle at one of the big West Coast grocery chains, I saw a slice of tuxedo cake that looked so different from the other cake slices in the case, was so attractive to someone who was hungry, had/has a sweet tooth and screamed “chocolate!” that I was willing to risk $2.99 to have it. Marble cake. Chocolate mousse. White chocolate mousse. Chocolate ganache.
It was so worth the calories not just for palate (sweet, salt, fat, chocolate) but because it was as delicious as an excellent homemade cake.  It was nothing like standard or even fancy baked items at those big grocers. QFC. Fred Meyer. Albertsons. Safeway. Cake lovers know what I mean, too, once they’ve picked up an offering, which, funnily enough, all those stores carry in their refrigerated cases. The items are labeled “blah blah from The Cakerie” (or they should be) and include the tuxedo, a lemon cream, strawberry cream, tiramisu and several others. Real whipped cream is a feature as is real lemon filling (not that fake stuff that should be called fumaric acid pudding.) Great ingredients and plenty of them equals great cake.
Long story short. For my birthday, I asked for the Cakerie’s Tuxedo Cake. A couple who are frequent recipients of my baking belatedly granted my wish and the three of us shared that bit of chocolate luxury a couple days ago. They’ve now joined the Cakerie fan club. I was delighted and grateful to have a birthday surprise, too.
Curious? Here’s a bit of free P.R. for them. http://www.cakerie.com/
They bake, ice and freeze their products, shipping them to retailers.
And a pretty rose:

5 thoughts on “Tuxedo Cake from the Cakerie for my birthday

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  2. Had this twice already from Stop and Shop. H-e-a-v-e-n-l-y!!! Any idea if there’s a decent copycat recipe out there? Although with the price of ingredients on the rise, it may be a better deal to just buy it.


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