Chocolate Rum Double-Up Cake

Layers of chocolate goody being made into a surprising cake

When I made the Chocolate Rum Fudge Sauce* last week, today’s (August 12) birthday girl mentioned something about liking to have it on a cake, so I made that happen. I made an Ellensburg Chocolate Cake which has sour cream and brown sugar rather than granulated, both adding a shade of difference to the taste and texture along with rum and vanilla flavorings. IMG_9731

Even in a top down photo, it looks like chocolate

The end result is one of those cakes that I call my Double-Ups, this one flavored with vanilla and rum. The split layers were topped with a coating of the fudge sauce, then with the silky Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting and the squiggles of rum-flavored butter icing that decorate the top.

Tomorrow the leftover cake will be ripened, dense, moist, even more Heavenly.

Bee happy (birthday!)

It would have been a Triple-Up but Fred Meyers didn’t have “safe” eggs required for the mousse and it was a one-store shop. Never mind. Cake didn’t care, especially as there was vanilla ice cream. We had a lovely party in the garden in the afternoon, too, as even the summer heat provided a break and the night on the town was still ahead.


(When it’s not for a birthday, I do the web as I did with the extra smaller (split and properly-filled) layer which I made to surprise my sweet new neighbor who’s doing a special project for me soon. Two lovely women got cakes today.)

Bee was so happy, it took a nap.

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