Emmer Pancakes? Yes, please.


My Facebook feed this morning included a post from Washington’s own Bluebird Grain Farms featuring emmer pancakes from their artisan mix. I’d forgotten that there’s a bag of it in the box of flours and such that I brought along in the move, so the virtual reminder and salivation sent me into the cubbyhole kitchen for the mix and implements.

First one, very tasty and good to go.

The cubbyhole is the second tiniest kitchen I’ve ever had. Tinier was a converted linen closet in the fifth floor Dalmeny Court flat in London where I lived for years. I managed to cook, bake and have fancy dinner parties there, so I know that it’s possible to adjust to a tiny kitchen. Here the stove serves as a counter most of the time as I haven’t truly begun cooking to the extent that I will once my delicate dental condition improves.


Meanwhile, I cleared off a burner after hooking it up to the electricity, pulled out the small cast iron skillet and made six beautiful emmer pancakes. Tasty and healthier than your average pancake.


Did I mention the maple butter? It melts right into the little pancake craters. Mmm-mm.

Want to know more about Emmer Wheat? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmer


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