Sourdough up, emmer pancakes! Recipe.


My favorite pancakes are sourdough. I also like the newly-discovered pancakes made from the Bluebird Grain Farms’ organic whole grain Emmer Pancake and Waffle Mix.* Sometimes one feels like making the same thing again very soon, but wait!

The Trout Creek Montana sourdough starters that I use, both of them, have not been used for a couple months.  Since I need to use the starters, liked the taste and texture of the Bluebird Grain Farms emmer pancakes which use milk and buttermilk in the recipe on the package, and since the Montana sourdough starters use milk rather than water, an experiment was performed.  The result was mmm-mm, sour and nutty and a lovely texture and went well with real maple syrup, with plum jam and as shown here.

Sourdough & Emmer Pancake with cream and sugar

The same as everybody else, there are things that I’m a perfectionist in. For instance, while I write prolifically (admittedly not here), I’m not a perfectionist with respect to grammar, am happy to end a sentence with a preposition. I don’t like pancakes that are doughy in the middle so I’m a perfectionist in equality of pancake browning and doneness, in moving the small cast-iron frying pan around 90 degrees and flipping the pancake at precise times. It’s art, painting pancakes one at a time while frying them and art again with the choice and distribution of toppings.


I followed the Bluebird Grain Farms package recipe the first time. Today I first mixed 2 c. sourdough starter, 2 T. oil and 1 egg into a bowl, then added 1 c. of their mix plus 1 T. granulated sugar and 1/4 t. salt plus 1/4 c. milk. It made 10 pancakes about 6″ each. Having discovered frozen commercial pancakes, I froze most of these except for today’s sample and a couple for breakfast during the Formula 1 race from Budapest, Hungary on the DVR tomorrow.

Bee happy.

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