Toasted Coconut & Butterscotch Bars, aka Hawaiian Dream Bars without Pineapple

Thank you, Stephanie, for this flower and message.

Just before I moved, Mark handed me a bag with organic grated coconut from the Ballard Market and yesterday I found out that he was still organizing and removing his collections from the yard of the house now owned by a developer. So, it was up early this morning to bake his favorite cookie before the outside heat wave moved in to meet with the inside heat, and the cookies could cool enough for me to pack half the pan full into four different containers and walk over to the old neighborhood to deliver them.

Toasted Coconut & Butterscotch Bars

Mark was delighted and shared with the men helping him do the work. He said that today was the last day of it, but also that he’s been saying the same thing for a while.


When I’d walked up the street to deliver a few to friends, I noticed the roses and decided on a whim to take a quick photo on my way back, en route to the next delivery. It’s my favorite of the 154 that I shot today because the camera grabbed other objects as well, allowing more than one focal point.

Once back at my apartment, I packed the other half of the cookies, also beloved of my mother, into a tin and a USPS Priority Mail box along with a note saying it’s still her birthday month, then headed out to the Post Office. She’s gonna be delighted tomorrow.

This is one of the cookies which I made last year for her birthday and one we made countless times for a family of eight. We never put pineapple in it, which I found as an ingredient in most recipes I looked at online, thinking I’d find where it originated. I have no idea when it became a part of our baking repertoire. I wrote “Hawaiian Dream Bars” on a 3″x5″ so long ago that I can barely read it. Who knows? A base, a filling, toppings.

Light. Color. Grasses.

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