I teach myself Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes, hot out of the pan

I bought a package of Hasselback potatoes at Trader Joe’s, appreciated them for the first time and decided to make some fresh ones in the oven with some leftover garlic butter, then put them under leftover chili and sharp cheddar cheese today for me and Sylvia. I didn’t need to look for a recipe as it’s obvious, but I stuck a kebab stick through an extra, poor spud to demonstrate how it aids in the slicing. Yukon Golds were perfecto with chili and the meal was perfectly timed for the Golden Globes.

And for art’s sake: this pair, double-sided special taped to a cabinet my kitchen, an intriguing and seasonal set with bits of bright yellow in unexpected places, just as the setting itself is. It’s signed in capital letters R O N, but I don’t know if that’s first, middle and surname in initials or if the artist was a person named Ron. I used to think there must have been a third when I spotted the two at the thrift shop. My opinion has changed: they’re complete. I’m looking forward to spring green.


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