Leftover Raspberry Buttercream? Company coming? Make Lemon Cake.

There was 2 cups of raspberry buttercream in that bowl.

My offer to a neighbor of the leftover raspberry buttercream from the last birthday cake went unaccepted — just at the same time as I found out that I would be having company this afternoon — so I had a little think about what might go well with it besides chocolate cake or chocolate cupcakes. There was only enough frosting for a 9×13, not a layer cake, so I decided on a delicate lemon because lemon and raspberry are so lovely together. There was only one lemon in the fridge, so it was less lemony than usual, but still fluffy and perfect for the frosting.

Luscious Lemon Cake with Raspberry Buttercream

My guests arrived while the cake was in the oven, so it didn’t get frosted and served with tea, but a couple nice slices went home with them on a plate.

The little bonus: Candace’s favorite cake is lemon! I didn’t know that when I chose it.

From Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo WildLights:

Thank goodness it was a bit rainy, else the reflections wouldn’t be so beautiful.

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