Fried Biscuit Raspberry Shortcake, and Romance of Fall in One Photo


A chilly morning yesterday along with Sunday Formula 1 from the Circuit of the Americas in Austin and a Seattle Seahawks game on telly meant turn on the oven and bake some more of those super fast, now-they’re-my-favorite-because-they’re-healthier-AND-fluffy buttermilk biscuits.* I shared three, ate one and refrigerated two. Today I lightly buttered one, put it in the cast iron skillet until it was beautifully golden and crispy, cut it into chunks for a bit more crispy goodness and tossed it about, then into a bowl of sweetened raspberries and cream. Just another way to use leftover biscuits. Just another way to have shortcake when someone gifts you with a box of fresh raspberries.


This shot was shared already on my Facebook, but it’s my favorite and I want it here. It’s a perfect painting of the romance and beauty of fall, looking down a Seattle road.

Shot on Friday, the 20th of October, 2017.

*      The recipe for the biscuits is there. Recipe for romance? Look back at that photograph.

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