5-Hour Raspberry Mousse Pie

juliyya’s Raspberry Mousse Pie

Who thinks the title is a joke? It’s not, at least it’s not a joke if you don’t have a kitchen maid or if your local grocer doesn’t carry raspberry coulis. A couple hours of picking non-sprayed, local garden-grown raspberries, then a couple more hours of squishing and twice sieving six cups of berries to get three cups of coulis, then sugar and lemon and Knox gelatin are added to the coulis and chilled until the mixture is almost set, then whipped organic egg whites and whipped cream are added and poured into a fresh-baked, butter-crust shell and maybe there will be a pie. Later, put some whipped cream on top with a few dimples for raspberry and mint decoration. It’s worth the effort once every few years!

I created the first edition of this exquisitely delicious raspberry pie when I was summering on Bainbridge Island during university years as cook and housekeeper for a family with a mansion-sized “summer cabin” at the Wing Point Golf & Country Club. I asked Mrs. W. to maintain the secrecy of my recipe, but years later I discovered it in the recipe box of one of her daughters and suspected that various ladies called “Cook” has used it over the years. Whatcha gonna do?

A couple garden shots of a favorite tree and its happy friends for you and some watching Formula 1 Austria practice for me.



Update: I forgot to thank the people who planted, watered, staked and look after those raspberries year after year. They were in receipt of pie when it had not yet set, so it was more raspberry goop pie then. However, there was a bit of overflow mousse and it’s in a separate dish with no pastry or whipping cream on top which will be shared with them. At this house, we decided to wait for breakfast pie. Well, one of us did have a sample. It’s setting up properly now. Mmm. Breakfast raspberry mousse.

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