Vanilla Snicks with Rolos & Sprinkles Which Don’t Stick

Vanilla Snicks with Rolos & Sprinkle Accents

Continuing my pattern of putting caramels of some flavor inside of snickerdoodles of some flavor, I set out to find out how Rolos would work, those Hershey candies, thinking perhaps their caramels stay inside their milk chocolate shells at 350 degrees. To make them obviously different to the eye than their cookie siblings, I offered them chocolate sprinkles, but the sprinkles were reluctant to join the secret sauce, or vice versa. The caramel was alone in leaking onto the parchment, required careful tending to avoid the burn, and all but two of the dozen tested had the accents with the milk chocolate left inside the cookie.

I wanted the Rolo to stay inside the dough, but as a test, it was tasty enough. I don’t know about adding it to the rotation, though, considering its competition!

However, for those who don’t want to make their own caramels, these are easy. When I picked up the bag at the grocers, another lady about my age was wandering the candy aisle. I told her what I was going to do with them and she decided to go home and have some baking fun herself, give them a try.

And here’s one of the two spring flower shots from the bus yesterday:

Pink blossoms appear near-spring

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