Oops. Peanut Butter Cookie & Rolo Fall Out of Line. I blame cookie.

That moment when 14 cookies changed form

There was frozen peanut butter cookie dough needing to be used and some leftovers in the Rolo bag put out by Hershey’s. I left a thumbprint in each spoonful of dough, then put the Rolo in at 9 minutes so the milk chocolate covered caramel would melt in place, not leak as happened with the Vanilla Snicks with Rolo Accents. *

On their way back into the oven, uh-oh, potholder not properly in place and some of the cookies-in-progress went splat while the others gathered for safety and the remaining time in the oven. My offer to a neighbor family of a pull-apart, gooey mess of a cookie was accepted anyway.  Compost got the rest, sadly.

Owlie, the Peanut Butter Rolo Cookie Surprise

Poor cookie looks like it was shot with Rolo paintballs, lethal one right through heart.

And the other flower shot during walk yesterday:

Orderly sidewalk garden on busy Ballard street at a commercial site


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