Unexpected Casserole: Roasted Veggies, Rice, Cheese Sauce

Oven-roasted vegetables, cheese sauce in progress

Sometimes we plan to make a certain dinner item, then make something else with the same ingredients. That’s the nature of cookery. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we’re going to cook, but take steps to lead us in the direction we’ll ultimately take.

Yesterday I’d intended to make a casserole of brown rice and cauliflower cheese, but also to roast some eggplant slices, red bell pepper, gold potatoes and yellow onion because there was a bargain on beautiful, fresh eggplant and I can’t resist it. I didn’t know or care what I was ultimately going to create with those vegetables. I’d already prepared the rice yesterday when I discovered the sharp cheddar in the fridge wasn’t there. Oops and nevermind. A plate of the roasted vegetables was fine and there were leftovers.

Brown rice base, roasted vegetables, cheese sauce, baked.

Today a bundled-up trip to the store in 26 degrees F. yielded the cheese for the sauce, and after browning the cauliflower, stirring in the leftover roasted vegetables, then a bit of layering, and voila! Unexpected Casserole, shared with an unexpected visitor about to make a huge move in his life. Sometimes unexpectation is a great thing.

Serve ’em up, hot out of the oven

And an art shot:

Full moon tonight 12 January. Character added by black walnut tree.

I shot that photo of the full moon tonight, the actual night of the full moon, even though WordPress will put tomorrow’s date on this post and it’s 9:37 PM here in Seattle. It’s another bonus of living in this house, having the full moon outside my kitchen window on the nights when there’s no cloud cover. In Seattle, we can’t expect to see the full moon every month.

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