Birthday by Proxy: Molasses, Fruit & Nut Chews with Lime Cream Glaze


It is indeed time for another birthday by proxy. Mark handed me a bag of organic dried cranberries during the Christmas baking blitz and this cookie was on the tentative menu. I ruled it out after looking at the number of tins full of cookies and candies on the makeshift tables in relation to the numbers on the recipient list.

He prefers to have one type of baked goodie at a time anyhow, so it was agreed that I’d bake these in January. They’re more fruit and nuts than dough, and remind me of a certain candy that I always wish had more nuts and definitely doesn’t have enough fruit. These are loaded with walnuts and dried cranberries, with a handful of chopped candied ginger and have a fresh lime cream glaze applied while they’re hot.

Well, tomorrow* is the birthday of one of my grandnieces and she lives a very long distance from Seattle, where she used to live. She left behind friends in the area, and they will be quite happy to wish her “Happy Birthday” when they have one of these. Lady Lolita Vandenbug and Crook McBirdie send their best wishes, too.

Hot cookie glazed, sprinkled with chopped dried cranberries

Yep, your eyes did not deceive you. I wrote on this when it was warm and it began melting into the crevices. After I took the pretty photograph for my little sweetness far away, I squeezed the rest of it out of the pastry parchment and spread it around in the usual manner. Some of the glaze made the cookie very special for its moment.

juliyya’s Molasses, Cranberry & Walnut Chews with Lemon Cream Glaze

Caramelly, fruity, nutty with molasses and lime overtones. Omega 3s. Divine. Worthy of a birthday by proxy.

*Wordpress dates the posts a day later than I post them, ergo I publish on the 14th to get the 15th as the date for this post.

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