Dark Chocolate Silk Pie for My Birthday

Whipping up the pie filling

I didn’t want Tuxedo Cake* for my birthday this year. I wanted pie, this particular pie, with a caveat. I don’t like to make pie crusts because I don’t like the feeling of flour on my fingers, unusual for a baker, but that’s the way it is. So, I asked a former neighbor who likes to make pie crusts to make the crust and I promised to fill it with goodness.

Filling piled high in a perfect, flaky crust made by a friend

The goodness is a silky blend of good chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla. Since it’s an uncooked filling and regular store-bought eggs can be unsafe when raw, I used the pasteurized version. The sugar has a “cooking” effect on the egg, too. Chemistry!

Slightly sweetened vanilla whip with chocolate shavings

The original French silk chocolate pie recipe was popularized during the 1960s (when eggs didn’t come with salmonella) and it was definitely in our dessert rotation. I’ve altered the recipe to my personal taste by reducing the sugar and more than doubling the amount of chocolate. It was so, so good and worthy of the efforts of two people. Thanks to the pie crust baker for a flaky crust which perfectly set off the filling and whip.

Speared that harvest moon?


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