Sourdough Yogurt Bread, Garden Roses and Tiny Tomatoes on Deck


Somewhere and sometime during a recipe search for something, there was a reference to using yogurt to boost the sour power of sourdough bread if one was in a rush. Some large commercial bakeries do it with added ingredients, so why not try it? I wanted fresh sourdough bread in a hurry, didn’t think about it the night before and refresh the starter for its overnight expansion. So, three hours to mingle and then make dough? There was some plain yogurt in the fridge. Game on.

juliyya’s Sourdough Yogurt Bread, not all that much different

And now the other roses and the sweet little tomato.



In my own garden, these American Beauties
I wasn’t kidding. Isn’t it sweet? It was hard to resist, but I did. It wasn’t mine.

The bread wasn’t all that much different than usual in taste, not sour, sour. I will have to try again, let both starter and dough mature. It was certainly fine with a little bit of the Italian plum jam* I made a couple days ago, the very reason bread was baked. Going to need leftover bread to make accompaniment to Formula 1 race weekend.


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