Small Batch: Pineapple(from frozen) Ice Cream V1

Pineapple chunks on low flame

Someone requested that I have a go at making pineapple ice cream  and someone else recently on holiday in the tropics mentioned looking for it while there. Temporarily out of fresh fruit because of unwillingness to go outside in Seattle heat and having whipping cream in fridge set to expire, I looked in the freezer with hope. Availability? A few mixed fruits, maybe enough for one more smoothie, and possibly enough pineapple chunks for a small batch.

Pureed pineapple, before the sieve

Having recently tasted the famous chain’s pineapple-coconut and deciding that the taste was not what I’d want in a pineapple ice cream, I decided to make a small batch of plain pineapple with my preferred cream mixture, no coconut milk, no coconut and no pineapple pulp. A slow flame for 45 minutes — to affect the enzymes which hinder the use of raw pineapple for ice cream purposes — and a few hours later: the soft version. Looking for local volunteers to test this petite work of cooking art, maybe after the Seattle Seahawks preseasoner. (Spellcheck doesn’t like that word. I do.)

(Update 8/13/16: Lovely flavor and soft texture this evening. It was a hit and is gone, even went well with the chocolate mousse birthday cake that I didn’t make and didn’t know that I was going to have.)

juliyya’s Pineapple from-frozen Ice Cream

and a garden art shot or two:

Would look pretty on a plate with pineapple ice cream
Hollyhock as big as a tree. Really.
Daisy, daisy …

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