Art as Food, Reverse Guerrilla Girls

Enchanting Seascape by E. Parke
Enchanting Seascape by E. Parke

This large and enchanting seascape with elegant frame is another in which a mind can wander and get lost while having a cup of tea. The colors used in the waves never fail to catch my eye just as the sunlight does coming through the roiling water when the Washington State ferries pull into or out of Kingston or Edmonds in Puget Sound.

I’d hung it high on a wall covered with seascapes in the old place. Today I found it in the new place while removing a stack of paintings put into a closet by someone other than me. When I put it on the table for clean-up — and contra my experience with the E.P. Pond painting referenced in an *earlier post — I found that it was not painted by a woman named Ellen Parke, which is what I thought the signature was. Nope, the artist was a man named Eldon Parke. A quick Google search found articles from the 1960s in which he said that an accident in his Washington State Patrol car Spokane in which he did not wear a seatbelt led to him … becoming an artist, and he’d learned about paint colors from painting cars. Love a little artist story. Love the painting, too.

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