3 Types of Plums = Jam of Plums

Italian prune plums, red plums, black plums

The pictures tell the story. Black and red and Italian plums plus lemon and sugar become jam in a different process than usual because I started late in the evening and didn’t want to spend all night in the cubbyhole kitchen.


After washing, cutting, grating and juicing ingredients, I put the fruit, lemon juice and sugar into the 6-quart stainless steel pot and let it macerate all night. In the morning, the food processor was got out of its box to chop six pounds of well-juiced fruit from the Sunday market, then slowly cooked and almost constantly stirred for 2 hours to 220 degrees and scooped into hot, sterilized jars. Jam of plums! A full batch, too. No added pectin. Not a drop of corn syrup.

In goes the sugar
Soon to be covered until morning for best results.
Lots of plums in lots of their juices.
Food processor chopped so I didn’t have to.
Hot water will solve this
3 quarts of 3-plum goodness to share
(Bumble) Bee happy.

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