Sourdough ‘Stravaganza, Part Deux

Sourdough Swedish Petal Rolls with Orange Glaze Drizzle

See, it’s like this. That pretty inside-out pizza made yesterday? Well, it was meant to be one part of a sourdough extravaganza. The eco-exterminator was paying a fourth visit to the property where I’ve been living for almost two years. People who know me can be pretty certain that I’m going to bake something when I’m grateful, and believe me, I’m grateful for what he’s been doing here, even though it’s hopeless. I’m packing and advocating, but I have to bake. It’s a de-stressor.


On prior visits, I’d suggested that he and his lovely wife take a look through this blog and choose a baked delight for him to take home after his work here. Since he didn’t provide an answer before the visit, I decided to expand the sourdough starter and make a few things including a dinner-size loaf of sourdough French, a pan of cinnamon and walnut Swedish Petal Rolls and a 2-person, inside-outer gooey cinnamon roll. I made an extra pan of the petal rolls and an extra inside-outer to share with neighbors.


Oops. When he arrived for the inspection, I went with him and the timing of things baking in the oven and my being out of the kitchen went awry. Very dark rolls in pans, not quite burnt, but dark. The loaf of bread baked last and I didn’t forget about it, but by that time I’d dropped one of the Pyrex pie plates with petal rolls onto the floor on its way to the cooling rack. The Pyrex shattered all over the floor, and closely thereafter I also dropped one of the gooey rolls right onto the top of the broken up mess on the floor. Unsalvageable deliciousness, oh boo.

The upshot: I had to de-stress bake today, use second sourdough starter, use the remaining leftover red sauce, and share goodies with some neighbors. That’s why there’s a beautiful pan of Swedish Petal Rolls with Orange Glaze drizzle, a small loaf of sourdough French bread, a cranberry-cinnamon inside outer and another Inside-Out pizza. There was no bell pepper, but regular old black olives was tasty enough.

Isn’t that a sourdough stravaganza? I say it is.

P.S. When I sent the over-baked rolls home with the exterminator, I asked him not to tell me if they had to be put in the compost because they were near-burnt, maybe even burnt in some place. (I would have hunted down the caramelized walnuts on the petal rolls even if it was necessary to discard the remainder.) He later texted, saying that he and his wife had very much enjoyed the bread. Diplomatic!

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