Making Cookies with Browned Butter

Some people, as they get older, find they cannot eat nuts in baked goodies. Some people are allergic to nuts, period. I’ve been experimenting with the use of browned butter in cookies to provide the taste sensation of nuts without using nuts even in the ground-up form. I’ve also been making browned butter frostings for years so I know the taste is a palate delight.

Browned Butter Oatmeal Cookie with Rum Raisins

Last week the experiment resulted in a chewy, almost Florentine-like, browned butter oatmeal cookie with rummed-up golden raisins. It was one of two cookies made for Valentine’s Day gifts, the other being a lemon-and-raspberry chew. My mother approved of both.

Today’s dough looked so tasty it deserved its own photo

Today I’ve made a browned butter Heath Bar and dark chocolate chunk cookie for my drivers and physical therapists as gratitude cookies tomorrow. I’m intending to make a trio of these browned butter goodies, but I’ll keep the third cookie a secret until it turns from the idea into the real thing.


And, lastly for today:

Bee Happy

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