Dutch Apple-cranberry Deep Dish for USA National Pie Day

A scoop for breakfast

Yesterday I noticed “National Pie Day” written on my calendar and ran through some ideas for pies I might bake. My niece sent me an idea for a lemon pie similar in recipe to Key Lime pie and which included a saltine crust, but I didn’t have all the ingredients. I thought the crust might be a tasty combination with a caramel or butterscotch cream pie or even a Silk pie, but again, I don’t have the makings and the next grocery trip is next Tuesday.

Nevermind, I told myself when I woke early today and couldn’t get back to sleep. There’s an apple and some frozen cranberries so what about getting up and making a small Dutch deep-dish pie with those? Yep. Good idea and it’ll be ready for breakfast when I finish my Sunday coffee in a couple hours and the leftovers will go well with the final day of the January 2022 Sumo Basho (rooting for Yokozuna Terunofuji) and then the football playoffs later on.

National Pie Day in the U.S. is January 23rd. National Pi Day is always March 14th. That’s two pie days plus Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas when pie is on the menu.

Bee happy.

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