Happy Belated BeeLated, CDC Sharing

There’s a useful photo for saying something with cake to Facebook friends, right?


The son of my good friend was abroad for his birthday and recently returned, so I phoned his mother, asked if he’d like a Belated Cake and, if so, what flavor. Chocolate somewhere, the cake, the frosting, somewhere. I remembered that he’d enjoyed a piece of a Crazy Cake* I made for a birthday last year, so here it is for him with its caramel fudge frosting, also known as penuche or panocha.  His cake is only two layers, though, due to a concern about three layers being too large for the moment. No problem.  

3rd layer, split, filled, frosted, decorated and entirely shared.

There’s a risk/health/safety concern about sharing with friends which, it turns out, can be dealt with by CDC’s recommended method for sanitizing items from stores which are delivered to doorsteps in paper bags. Hands washed by person placing items inside wrapper and then into paper bag. Bag delivered to safe distance or porch in sight of recipient, who washes hands before picking up the bag, then removes wrapped item and tips item onto plate, disposing of waxed paper or plastic wrapper (sorry, environment) and popping the paper bag into recycle bin.

[Tins, soup and hot food in bowls is a lot easier. Like baseball but for health: Tinkers to Evers to Chance. Containers to doorsteps, then to plate or bowl, then hands and containers washed, then the gift consumed or stored. Door to Plate to Table with a short stop.]

I wanted to write “Happy Bee-Lated” on the cake but restrained myself. Nevertheless:

BeeLated. Bee happy.

*There are multiple entries relating to Crazy Cake, the eggless chocolate cake known by bakers worldwide. The recipe is on the card here:


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