Cinnamon Sugar Biscuits

You know the Google ads that follow you around when you’re online? You’ve clicked on something momentarily of interest and next thing you know, here come the ads meant to tempt you to buy the same thing or a similar thing. Once I noticed that happening, I decided what ads would routinely appear in the articles which I read online. I re-up that decision regularly by clicking on a link in my chosen ad, fooling google’s algorithms into using my decision to see … ads for a site that ships baked goods nationwide.

Dough on parchment ready to bake

The variety of those baked offerings inspired these biscuits. It’s true that you can order them online from a bakery somewhere for about $40. A dozen biscuits sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for about $40. I make super speedy baking powder biscuits* regularly, freeze all but one on the bake day and thaw one for breakfast on subsequent days. Sometimes they’re plain biscuits. Sometimes they’re cranberry-orange. Today, there was an experimental cinnamon sugar biscuit, with half the dough onto the baking sheet, a sprinkle of the sugar mix, topped with the rest of the dough and another sprinkle.

Crunchy on top, cinnamon-scented kitchen

They fragrance is lovely and the resulting biscuit is delicately flavored. I don’t think that the sprinkled sugar mix in the middle is worth the extra time it takes in the process IF one is making a full batch of biscuits. Why? Speed is the most important factor in making fluffy biscuits. As soon as the dough is barely mixed, it gets plopped onto the parchment and into the oven for 12 minutes. Adding a step between the plop and the bake speeds up the action of the leavening before the oven heat does the important work, and I don’t want to lose the fluffiness. However, I think from now on I will make one Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit and five plain biscuits weekly. The aroma convinced me. There must surely be a health benefit in it, right?

May I have the crumbs, please?


It’s not necessary to use hard white or whole wheat flour in these biscuits. 2 cups of regular or unbleached flour works just dandy.

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