Birthday by proxy: Dutch Potato Cake for My Brother Brian

Chocolate from Belgium and Holland

Happy Birthday, Brian! Continuing my tradition of birthday cakes by proxy, the 23rd of March is his birthday and I baked a cake in his honor. I’m pretty sure that his fiancee will be providing one closer to home, but we won’t be sharing it, so I decided to make my great great grandmother’s recipe for Dutch Potato Cake. It’s got good Dutch chocolate in it plus mashed potatoes and some spices.

I knew you wouldn’t be coming over, but I baked a cake anyway.
Gooey Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

Last thing: some Belgium chocolate non-pareils. Oh, this is gonna be yummy in an hour after the frosting sets a bit, even without the party. I will have a slice with some Formula 1 Melbourne qualifying, first race of 2018. Birthday cake and Formula 1.

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