Crunchy Chocolate Mint Chews

The inspiration was in the can

I bought a box of Brown & Haley’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark for the tin, so naturally I have to bake with the contents. First up was a test batch of the lower fat chewy, crunchy cookie with chopped bark. They puffed up and did not collapse, leaving bits of melty chocolate here and there in the hollowness.  Today I smashed the last one, a few days old, in the blender with some milk and frozen yogurt. Nice first experiment. Next time I’ll try something else. Leftover bark? More something because I’m still looking for one more chocolate mint cookie to make a cookie trio.

Crunchy, macaroony and chewy with melty chocolate peppermint bark

Closer, a little closer.

Please forgive cookie half which didn’t want to be photographed.

Aside: “Brown & Haley makes ’em daily” was a jingle once associated with the chocolate maker in Tacoma. They made my favorite candy bar, no longer available in candy bar form, but now as a single chocolate in a box or tin with the undesired others. Their Victoria Cream was delightful, even though I broke a molar on a walnut in one of those favorite candy bars. I was maybe 11 when it happened and I wrote them a letter about it. They wrote back saying sorry, nuts sometimes have shells and sent a box of their Mountain Bars, which I did not and do not prefer. They did not offer to pay for the dental bills.

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