Lasagna One Time, Strange flower

Can you tell what this will become?

When I went to deliver a double-slice of the (Heavenly) Roasted Coconut Cake* a couple days ago, my neighbors were preparing a brown rice version of lasagna. The word “Lasagna” worked its way into my to-do list, especially as I had a cup of leftover turkey pepperoni red sauce and a cup of cottage cheese in the fridge along with the appropriate cheeses, and a box of ready-to-bake lasagna in the cupboard. No matter how you slice it (and I did), that’s only enough sauce for a small pan and fortunately I have a glass bread pan just the right size. One half the sauce on the bottom, one sheet of uncooked lasagna, a layer of cottage cheese (no ricotta) mixed with basil and parmesan, the other half of the sauce and cheese. Two meals. Mmm.

a most unusual plant, 3 feet tall, yellow flowers hanging upside down



That cake was gone in a flash, “wowsies!” were received and someone has already asked for it for an October birthday.

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