Blue Light, Blue Sky Long Meal Friday

See the pretty blue reflection here and there?

I was going to take a pretty photograph of last night’s Dinner for Daughter, but she was very hungry so it was a one-shot-and-dig-in. Looking at the photo later, I said, “Nah, too dark,” but then I saw the blue bits and changed my mind since I’d been outside earlier shooting gardens and got the next bit of beautiful blue.

That is a captured moment of blue sky in Seattle.

Dinner, by the way, was both a Taco Tuesday and a Long Meal Friday. It was taco beef with its bit of gravy, chipotle Yukon mash, roasted red bell and onion and mush, a fresh pickle salad with cucumber, onion and bean sprouts, and finally a bowl of fresh-made, small batch Caramel and Kahlua Ice Cream*. It was lovely.


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