Cocoa-Oatmeal-Apple-Pecan Cake

Toasted pecans, apples, oatmeal, cocoa and the usual

Leftovers and small bits of possibilities along with an occasion led to a cake I’ve not made in a few years. There was leftover fudge candy icing in fridge from the last cake. On Monday night, facing a lipid panel on Tuesday, I made a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal thinking “soluble fiber, anti-cholesterol.” After I’d made it, I remembered that I normally put a lot of brown sugar on it, so nope, couldn’t eat that and drive up the triglycerides overnight.

Pecans toasting slowly on low heat

Today I found that it is also the birthday of a lady friend who was amongst the musical group along with myself who performed at world-famous (to guitarists) McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica and had quite wonderful pot luck soirees over the course of a few years. What to do? Make and share a cake in her honor and express birthday wishes to the birthday girl faraway with some melted choccywoccydoodah callets.


The cake recipe, which is in a photo, originated in a newspaper or magazine clipping from somewhere and then hand-copied to the files after making it once, adding notes and a frosting recipe. I’ve changed it a bit more, toasting the pecans first in a cast iron skillet, preferring to chop rather than grate the apple and, contrary to my note on the card, not adding chocolate chips once I’d decided to ice the cake. (Frosting recipe on the flip side is not the preference for this cake. Fudge frosting is preferred.)

Happy Birthday Dorie!

Cake was all gone in two hours, shared with neighbors, some who even had a big ole slice whilst it was still warm and very gooey. Everyone who had some sent birthday wishes into the cosmos for her. Three even blessed her for having a birthday today instead of another day as they were all happy for a bit of winter sweetness.


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