Leftovers = Wednesday White Cake, Lemon Filling, Vanilla Buttercream

Hmm. Keep it on the top or push it down?

There were discussions last week regarding the flavor or flavors for the snowman cake. At one point, there were going to be three round cakes of various sizes and each was to be flavored differently. One of those flavors was white so I began freezing egg whites for it whenever egg was needed for something else. There was also a bit more than a cup of leftover vanilla buttercream icing in the fridge, and I’m not one to let good icing end up in the compost.

White cake with lemon curd, vanilla buttercream and choccywoccydoodah callets

Thank you to my niece for the “Wednesday Cake” post on FB not long ago as “cake” and “Wednesday” are now classified adjacent in my neural network, perhaps alongside “leftovers” rather than “experiment.” The result today is a white cake filled with lemon curd and frosted with vanilla buttercream. A slice of it will suit some of us along with the Country Music Awards and the final game of the 2016 World Series tonight. Will the Chicago Cubs beat Cleveland and let loose the goat?

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